Welcome to Lonepine Nursery

The new Thornton overpass exit has been completed, now making it easy and safe to get to Lone Pine just take exit 328 on US Highway 20 south of Rexburg, Idaho.

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New posts on our nursery page detail pruning ideas for spring!

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Lone Pine Nursery is south east Idaho and western Wyoming’s premier nursery and garden center.  At Lone Pine we take pride in our excellent customer service and expert staff. We would like to invite you in to our nursery today to realize that it is not only an amazing one stop garden shop but also a destination you won’t soon forget.



Gardner’s Corner

Just when you thought you wouldn’t make it through winter, it seems spring has crept up on us. After the long hard winter like we had this year it feels good to get out and start to work in the yard. Here’s a little checklist we have used for a number of years to help get us organized when is seems like there is too much to do all at once:

  • Start watering and get sprinkler systems turned on when it stops freezing.
  • Now is the time to get your soil in tip-top shape. (test, amend, and adjust ph)
  • Prune most trees and shrubs. (exceptions are maples and birch which tend to bleed right now, save those for late summer or fall)
  • Prune back leftover grasses or perennials from last season
  • Prune raspberries according to whether they are everbearing or summer bearing. (see nursery page for more pruning techniques)
  • Change the oil in your mowers and lawn equipment. Sharpen your mower blades
  • Lower the blade on your first mowing of the spring to clean up dead grass and stimulate growth. (Don’t forget to raise it back up after!)
  • Apply humates and fertilizers
  • Aerate your lawn
  • Apply dormant oil and lime sulfur before trees and shrubs leaf out
  • Put a layer of mulch around trees, shrubs, and plants
  • Divide perennials
  • Plant wildflower seed
  • Enjoy the spring flowering bulbs. Let the foliage turn brown before trimming
  • Pull winter mulch back from roses and apply a systemic insecticide fertilizer
  • Sharpen garden tools
  • If you need to move dormant trees and shrubs outside now is the time to do it
  • Start turning your compost pile
  • Some vegetables and leafy greens can be started outside as early as mid April
  • Keep an eye out for borer holes in Aspen and Ash. Systemic insecticide drench can be applied as soon at the tree is actively growing for 12 months of protection against insects